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cutiecaliph.blogspot.com December 15, 2009

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due to certain reasons, we have moved to:



backache December 6, 2009

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hint for my baby’s gender as above from my latest 31 weeks ultrasound

my friend one day asked “why pregnant lady walk like a toddler wearing diaper?” ..

if we noticed pregnant woman has a wide based gait/ walking style. Discomfort while walking is not the only issue faced by the preggie but discomfort during sleep and bending as well. This is because of two reasons.

1- the growing belly /uterus
2- the hormonal changes

As our baby grow, our abdominal muscle may weaken and changes our posture. It cause more ‘burden’ to the backbone hence cause the ache.

another cause is the hormonal changes. It causes the ligaments (the tissue connecting between bones) to become loose hence we feel discomfort and less stable while walking, changing position while sleeping or even lifting the leg during wudhu’.

I personally found that it is helpful to put a bolster or rolled blanket between legs during sleeping. sleep on my side. wear comfortable flat shoe. maintain straight posture rather than slumping forward as the belly grows. Relaxing massage before sleep (husband may help with this).

Just take it easy. This is a challenge to become a mother and prepare us for more challenging experience ahead. Bear in mind there will be reward from Allah and kifarah ‘dosa’. So just be patience and enjoy the pregnancy experience!

Dream, and translate it into organized thoughts! December 1, 2009

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Oh I’m inspired!! need to plan and prepare to realize these dreams!!

It comes when I am not totally on holiday..oh..Oh Allah please help me!

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim..will write on it after I get the first good outcome ..biiznillah!

p/s: this will take some times ok;) please make doa for us!

Vege day! November 28, 2009

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Umar always loves to help me in the kitchen..cooking is a good activity for kids to learn! never stop them from entering the kitchen or help us cooking, instead we should think creatively how we can get them to help while ensuring their safety:)

Umar cutting the old cucumber left in the fridge..he was using the secret recipe’s ‘cutter’. He discovered:

1. the name of the vege : cucumber (and cabbage too)
2. the texture of the cucumber
3. the feel (cold)
4. confidence (as he do adult work the way he wants to)
5. the taste of the vege

later after cooking and having lunch we surf on the net on vegetables. Umar learns on carrot, cabbage, capsicum besides cucumber.

while we are surfing I let him to hold the real vege at the same time so that he can relate.

we surf on:

1. how plants grow (on particular those veges), how the vege’s plants look like..

2. what are the nutrition content e.g. carrot vitamin A which is good for the eyes (we learns this from songs)

Umar asked me to cook carrot on the next day and have cabbage soup for the dinner:)

When I asked, “who made the vege?” umar answered” Allah!”

Always try to nurture the trust and the existance of Allah in our kids!

Pelvic floor exercise November 26, 2009

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I remember from my first pregnancy and labour in Australia, it was a special and precious experience ever in my life.

*our precious caliph..few hrs after birth*

Giving birth in the most comfortable room ever with Queen size bed and attached toilet with tub for water birth or for relaxation in the warm bath.

*could not find the Monash Medical Center (MMC), Melbourne birth suite. This one is the most similar I could find but the tub in MMC is in the bathroom*

The Queen size bed is provided for the father to have some rest while accompanying the wife. Birth process may take hours (theoretically every hr 1cm dilatation of the cervix) therefore fair enough for the father to have some rest while supporting the wife.

Just a brief overview of Australian birth facilities;)

One of the point emphasis during antenatal and post natal check up was pelvic floor exercise. The pregnancy and other associated condition such as constipation may weaken the muscle that holds the bladder, bowel and uterus in place.

But where is the muscle actually? Refer the picture below: (the muscles surrounding te three openings, urethra-opening from bladder, vagina-opening from the womb, rectum-opening from the bowel)

I’ve found that in Malaysia the midwife or the doctor rarely talk about this. Maybe in private setting is different and it is not a surprise if many Malaysian mother do not know what is it, the importance of it and how to do it.

This is an important exercise that can be done anwhere. It helps preventing incontinence (unable to control the urine flow) before giving birth and after labour. It also helps in the labour process and later in future in sexual relation with husband and prevent prolapse (uterus/womb dropped out from the vagina). All these sounds alarming but the good news is we can do something.

The youngest patient (in Malaysia) I have met to experience prolapse was a 30 years old lady. This poor lady need an equipment called ‘pessaries’ to be put in the vagina to help with her sexual relation and to get pregnant again.

*a diagram showing the uterus has prolapsed out of the wagina..it is very uncomfortable*

*the pessary ring was put in place, need to change every 3 months..very uncomfortable*

The exercise is quite difficult (because we are not sure that we apply to the right muscle) but by practice it can be done easily anywhere at anytime.

The simplest thing I practiced was by trying to hold during urination/ ‘weeing’ (some people hold the wind) and identify which muscle is contracted. Then I redo it and feels the same muscle contracted:)


From my personal experience, i feel like ‘squeeze and lift’ sensation. Initial trial I found that I actually hold my breath or pulling up my tummy which is not right. Other mistakes that may happen are tightening buttock or squeezing legs together.

A beginner may try this exercise while laying down then later in any position. Try to hold the muscle in 10 seconds and try 10 times in a row.


A good strong pelvic floor muscles helps during labour by shortening second stage of labour (this stage starts from full dilatation and expulsion of the baby), help to heal the wound caused by labour because of good circulation and more likely to have satisfying sex life.


Small things may make a big different..lets try the pelvic exercise for better future, biiznillah..!:)

I did tell, I did November 24, 2009

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I have finished this book a while ago. As  described below, it is about a typical abuse case. In medical we usually refer it as ‘star case’ as a code to protect confidentiality. This case happens a lot in our real world including Malaysia.

It is a real story and I was attracted to read it as I want to find out how deep the parents words influence the child’s psychology and their attitude, why parents do it and how the kids affected by the evil experience in short and long term.

The description from the book:

Cassie couldn-t remember when the abuse began, but from an early age she knew that her life was different from other children. Her mother made it clear that she wasn-t wanted, she wasn-t loved and He said that he was her friend, that this was his way of showing her that she was special. With no one else to turn to, finally she found the courage to speak out, to tell her mother what he did to her. But her mother wouldn-t listen, and with horror, Cassie was to discover exactly who her abuser was, and why she would never be heard. I Did Tell, I Did is the incredible story of a girl who was betrayed by everyone who should have loved her, and how she overcame the pain to find happiness and love, and to learn how to live with her past.

I am grateful to Allah for His loves and rahmah..alhamdulillah and may Allah protect us from sinful deeds!

turning moment into oppurtunity November 23, 2009

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Optimism is synonymous with success. Every difficulty or even just an ordinary moment may be turned into an opportunity.


For example, Ms Lin was instructed to go for outstation for 4 days. She is a working mother who never been apart from her 2 young kids except for work. She found that it is hard to do it even for only 4 days.


Despite entertaining her misery, she has decided to turn it into an opportunity for her to read more on her current interest on online business and do some research on it since she does not has her daily routine with her kids. She ends up feeling occupied and went through the day with satisfaction and great outcome.


On the daily routine, a mother may change a boring routine into an interesting opportunity for her kids to learn. For example, the bath time. It is actually one of the most precious learning time. By being more creative for every different bath, it will make it a learning opportunity.


E.g. Experiment with water, why bottle float? why we cant breath in water etc. This may also be the stimulating step for further internet or encyclopedia exploration on the brought up point during bathtime.


what we need is some creativity and positive thinking!biiznillah..

time with ayah November 22, 2009

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ayah usually is a busy man..since we have the opportunity to be together in JB thus ayah took the opportunity to spend time and read with umar ..

umar enjoying the session and surprisingly he reads better with ayah..hehe

now, he demands for more books ..alhamdulillah!

keeping up creativity and imagination November 21, 2009

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Choosing the right toys for our child is important. At this age, umar has a lot of imaginations and he links his ideas with what he observed or experienced.

I found out that this ‘educational toy’ is perfect for umar and surprisingly he can keep exploring it for hours.

He will build something and later he’ll explain to us what is he making.

The way he explores it was impressing. he spent some times to observe first while ayah make a demo, later he asked the function of the tools provided to build the intelligent blocks into anything he likes.

I prefer this kind of tool for my son as he not only improve his imagination and creativity but also his motor skills and thinking skills as he would explain each and everything he builds after he completed one.

*with some help and guidance from ayah..it strengthen parents-child bonding as well*

Alhamdulillah!bravo son.

Child learns while playing..let them play and guide them!

Johor Bahru (JB) November 13, 2009

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Working while being with my beloved hubby and son in JB is heaven..
I’m enjoying the experience very much..I am happy and grateful..(alhamdulillah) for this opportunity..


*Beloved Umar in the pool..he learns swimming and some science knowledge on water*

really enjoy their accompany!